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Individual Material

Preseen Analysis - £15

The Preseen Analysis is a document which aids in easily understanding the given CIMA pre-seen case study material. It exhibits the pre-seen document in a user friendly and lively manner by breaking down the details, organizing the content, use of graphical illustrations such as images, charts and graphs, providing supplementary explanations, definitions and so on.

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Industry Review (Know Your Industry - KYI)- £20

The Know Your Industry (KYI) document provides the basic understanding of the case study industry including clarification of technical matters, details of real world entities and stakeholders. It also includes case study related real world issues grouped under headings such as performance, financing, risks, acquisitions and mergers, human resources, technology, information technology, legal, CSR, ethics etc.

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Deep Dive - £25

The Deep Dive is an in-depth analysis of the given CIMA pre-seen case study material. Facts and figures given in the pre-seen case study are examined, analysed and critically evaluated in detail to convey a solid discussion. This document would also include links to varied theoretical areas, relations to the real world industry and real world companies and indications on possible tasks, issues, areas and scenarios that can come on the actual examinations.

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