Case Study Specialist with World Class Technology

Certainly let me take this opportunity to thank complete team of Nanaska for giving an excellent support during the study of MCS November 2018. I do not have any hesitation in accepting and proclaiming that I am extremely satisfied with the methodology of Nanaska, be it their analysis of case studies, material ,mock papers or personal attention of the principal Channa. & wish that every prospective student must experience the same and pass the exam in their first attempt as I could.

Pankaj Mishra (UAE) - Managerial Case Study Nov 2018.

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The most appropriate word that describes Nanaska is excellence. The Nanaska expertise exposes students to well tailored information that would aid them to excel. I passed my CIMA strategic case study exams on first attempt with Nanaska. I would definitely recommend Nanaska to any student pursuing the CIMA strategic case study exams.

Basil Abeifaa Der (Ghana) - Strategic Case Study Nov 2018

" I would like to thank Nansaska from bottom of my heart for there never ending help & support that you have given me due to which I could pass the exam easily.

I found Channa podcasts to be extremely useful as they were simple and clear be it on KYI, Refresh Theory, Deep Dive, Financial Review, Power Mock. Possible Issues. Podcast allowed me to manage my time very efficiently especially during the daily commuting time to office.

The 121 sessions are extremely good as its an assessment tool letting me know exactly what is going wrong & where.

Nanaska probably as an organisation might be small in numbers but huge in quality & content.

I strongly recommend Nanaska for the CIMA aspirants as its a sure shot tool for CIMA success."

Avinash Mansabdar (UAE) - Strategic Case Study Nov 2018

Nanaska team is dedicated to helping students like us to pass the exam. Especially for SCS exam, the group discussions, one-to-one consultations and the mock exams prepared by the team, as well as the reading materials and the podcasts that available in the forum are very relevant and useful for improving our chances of success. Without them, I would not have passed this exam. Kudos for their efforts!

Teng Wai, Young (Malaysia) - Strategic Case Study Nov 2018.

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I would like to thank the Nanaska team for their great support provided throughout my CIMA SCS journey. The online discussions and Mock exams were helpful to get good grades. The feedback on my practice questions and one to one discussions helped me plan my answers in the real exam. Podcasts and recorded sessions allowed to access the material at our convenience and were very useful for the lastminute revision.

Once again I would like to express my gratitude to the entire team, who supported me 24x7. It was like everyone was writing the exam with me!

Laveena Hotchandani (UAE) - Strategic Case Study Nov 2018.

I passed my CIMA MCS in 2018 on my 2nd attempt, with tuition with Nanaska for both sittings. In my first attempt CIMA graded me as moderate in all areas, while my second attempt reflected a substantial improvement with CIMA grading me strong in all with exception of being moderate in technical skills. Channa and team offer excellent preparatory material with emphasis in the right areas incorporated into highly effective mocks. Beyond that as a CIMA gateway student, one should spare the time skimming through the E2, F2 and P2 syllabus, so as not to underestimate the missing knowledge from having been

Lee Wee Kheng (Malaysia) - Managerial Case Study Nov 2018.

I would like to thank the Nanaska team for their great support provided throughout my CIMA MCS journey. The online discussions and Mock exams were helpful to get good grades. The feedback on my practice questions and one to one discussions helped me plan my answers in the real exam. Podcasts and recorded sessions allowed to access the material at our convenience and were very useful for the last-minute revision.

Once again I would like to express my gratitude to the entire team, you all are doing a fantastic job. I look forward to registering for the SCS classes soon.

Laveena Hotchandani (UAE) - Management Case Study August 2018

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I am delighted to say that I have passed the Management Case Study with 88 marks. I would like to thank the entire Nanasaka team for being so supportive throughout this course. I really appreciate the online coaching support which was consists of discussion forum, podcasts on pre seen materials, past papers and relevant theory sections. Also, I would like to thanks for the Nanaska Admin team for their continuous follow up with each students personally for their status of studies. As I am a working professional, it was really supported and pushed me to streamline my studies for MCS paper.

Further, I have followed CIMA courses with other world class tuition provided. However, I have never seen such a dedicated team like Nanaska, which guide and support the students round the clock.

Moreover, I have attended for all the online lectures with Channa and listen to all the podcast available on the forum. In addition, I have attempted all the mock exams and obtained the feedback through one-to-one discussion. I am thankful to Kushan for allocating me one hour for each mock exam one-to-one discussion and guiding through my weaknesses.

I would like to recommend Nanaska for other students and planning to follow SCS with Nanaska.

Saranga Bandara (Oman) - Management Case Study August 2018.

Great experience with Nanaska!!! I definitely would have struggled to pass the exam without their tutorage and support. I highly recommend Nanaska’s services to anyone considering attaining the CIMA qualification.

Mariam Melchior (Nigeria) - Strategic Case Study May 2018.

I think Nanaska is the best Cima tuition services provider I ever had.

It's really guide you with Mock exam and point to you where your mistakes are. And hope you won't repeat the mistake again in real exam. You just need to follow the steps provided and for sure you will pass the exam. And the amazing thing is I just took once the exam and study under Nanaska and I passed it with score 90 score. Great job and thanks to Nanaska and the team.

Frederick Lim Boon Huat (Malaysia) - Strategic Case Study May 2018.

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Yesterday, the CIMA Strategic case study result was out and I passed. I owe this success big time to Channa and his team at Nanaska for providing us necessary resources, guidance and feedback through out this learning journey. Their way to work with each student, prepare and help the student deliver his best is commendable. They played a vital role in developing my thought process and helped me feel the connect with the organisation given in the case study. I am very pleased that I took the decision of studying with them. I would highly recommend the students taking their SCS exam to enroll with Nanaska and go forward. Thank you once again!

Meghana Thakkar (UK) - Strategic Case Study May 2018.

It was a delight studying with Nanaska. I felt at home with them. I left school over 20 years ago and have forgotten most of the things I learnt but Nanaska gave me materials and lectures that made it easy for me to recall those past years and pass my exams. Their exam preparation is second to none. Their quiz questions are aimed at equipping students for the best and fully directed the case study. I enjoyed every bit of my study with them and will commend them for building confidence, which is essential in passing exams, in the students.

Agu, Michael Uzoma (Nigeria) - Strategic Case Study February 2018

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I started my CIMA Management Case study through the Gateway route. I had previously completed an MBA in Finance. After reviewing a few online tuition providers I decided to go with Nanaska. I must say it was one of the best decisions I made. Channa and the team were an immense help. They not only passed on the tools I needed to get through the exam but also have a true passion and commitment to what they do. The lectures and reading material were well structured. The mock exams really helped me to focus on the main areas.

I would highly recommend Nanaska to any prospective student looking to study CIMA

Suresh Balasubramanium (Australia) - Strategic Case Study February 2018

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I am using this medium to express my satisfaction with the tutelage provided by NANASKA which tremendously helped me pass the SCS exams in CIMA with 96 scores at my first attempt.

Channa was very methodical in his approach, starting simple with us on day one and scaling up as we progressed into the classes week-on-week. That was a perfect style to ensuring a good grasp of the case study and its requirements. Channa and the NANASKA team sent series of motivating Video clips and WhatsApp messages to reinforce the ability possessed to pass the SCS exams.

The six Mock exams were excellent, presenting the real exams situation. The Mocks elicited the need to read and built confidence in me towards passing the examinations.

I encourage everyone reading my note to get registered with NANASKA for the SCS exams readiness; you will not regret your action. Please writing the mock exams and going through feedback process will prepare you well towards passing the exams.

Raphael Adebiyi (Nigeria) - August 2017

I passed my Strategic Case Study paper with 90 marks; I would personally thank to all “Nanaska” Team members for motivating us from the beginning till the end, Specially Mr. Channa, Ms. Wathsala and all the Tutors on the team.

Mr. Channa’s teaching style is fantastic; I was able to grasp many technical things very easily under his guidance without much difficulty, Further I really enjoyed listening to all the Podcast whatever published on the forum which helped me a lot to keep on track even during my busy schedules.

And Ms. Wathsala you have consistently behind us helping us to complete all Mock papers on time, which helped me feel more confident on the exam day, many thanks for that.

I count myself lucky to get a tutor panel like you, Once again thank you so much for your guidance and useful advice. I wish all the success to “Nansaka”

Sylvester Runoch Fernando (UAE) Strategic Case Study – August 2017

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Responsive image

I enrolled in Nanaska's online programme to help with my SCS exam which I failed to get through in my previous two attempts. The support and guidance from the lecturer has helped me to pass this paper with 102 scores. Setting aside time to study for a professional exam had been a challenge for me. Nanaska's programme provided the flexibility to juggle around my work, family and studies. The weekly follow up sessions are really motivational in terms of keeping you ahead of the game and broaden your thinking. The feed back for mock papers are very useful in identifying the areas where you need improvement and mostly they are followed up in the next papers. The level of support and motivation given to students by Nanaska team is truly amazing!!

Narmatha Murali (UK) Strategic Case Study May 2017.

Thanks to Nanaska for the plan put in place to ensure my success. The level of personal involvement of the facilitator and the constant nudging provided me with a great deal of materials that helped me achieve my goal. The emphasis on particular areas is very important and any student that desires to pass must take these points seriously. There is no option to starting early in your preparation as this will enable you cover all the areas you are expected to cover and give room for strategic revision.

Will recommend Nanaska to anyone, any day and anytime.

Emomotimi Agama (Nigeria), Strategic Case Study May 2017.

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Thank you Nanaska (LearnCIMA) for making my first attempt at Strategic Case Study a successful one.

The training methodology is undeniably unique and very effective considering the tight work schedule of most students.

The podcasts, weekly live discussion sessions with Channa , what’s app group chats ,mocks written in simulated CIMA exam portal ,one-on-one sessions for review of mocks, access to a rich study library etc are viable tools that facilitate success of students at the CIMA exams.

Well done team Nanaska (LearnCIMA), keep up the good job!

Patricia Duru (Nigeria), Strategic Case Study May 2017.

I took the SCS with a different tutor last year. He spent only one weekend to go over the material; the rest was left to me to figure out. That partnership failed. This year, I went for Nanaska. From the get-go, I knew they were different: website, personal profiles, proper admin, podcasts, etc. Then it came time to deep dive; we met regularly, lots of reading material, and Whatsapp forum. We had webinars every weekend to go over new information and questions from the week. We then progressed to the practice mocks with one-on-one feedback. Success was resounding.

Adegbite Adekola (Nigeria), Strategic Case Study May 2017.

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"Before I knew about Nanaska and Mr. Channa, I was the person who does not have the enough level of confidence to pass the CIMA SCS exam. I always thank to Mr. Aung Naing Maung Maung who paved the way to Nanaska and introduced with Channa Sir. With the support of Channa Sir and Nanaska team, through the mock exams, I knew about my strengths and weaknesses of my knowledge and experience to face with real exam. When I sat the real exam, I noticed that I could manage the time and answering points that pushed me to pass the exam. With Nanaska and Channa Sir's support, I could pass the exam. I strongly believe that Nanaska is the place that is secure to pass with the best marks in CIMA exams."

Tin Mar Yi (Myanmar), Strategic Case Study May 2017.

I was really pleased to find out, I was the highest marks in the world for CIMA Case Study.

LearnCIMA and Channa was a great help in this journey and achievement.

Channa Sir always encouraged us to dream big, and his audios were geared towards motivating us to achieve more than what we thought we were capable of. This has changed our thinking and we started to think big.

It was a pleasant surprise to find all the hard work had paid off with such great results and I will always be grateful to him for helping me realize my potential.

Answering for questions in the LearnCIMA exam portal is great for practice since it replicates the exam conditions, and it would be very useful if you're facing a CIMA case study for the first time.

And the best part of the course was 9 mocks that were given and that covered most questions that were there on exam day.

Sandalika Pabasari (Sri Lanka), Managerial Case Study August 2016 – 1st in the World, 1st in Sri Lanka – 134 Marks.

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Responsive image

Passing exams with a high mark was not an impossible task due the immense support and guidance received from Mr. Channe. An advice for a randomly prompt question or clarification was a few clicks away due to the availability of online support. The podcasts, additional reading material and videos provided a depth of additional knowledge which helped me not only to excel when answering questions but also widened my thinking horizon. Most of all availability of these resources helped me out to be focused on my goal as where ever I was everything was available at my fingertips.

Rashmika Mahanama (Sri Lanka), Strategic Case Study August 2016 – 5th in the World, 1st in Sri Lanka – 123 Marks.

I am a qualified CA from India and was attracted to CIMA,UK considering it's reputation and the rigorous syllabus and methodology. I was hesitant to take any online coaching before for my MCS but finally got to know about LearnCIMA in some social media forum. Mr. Channa is the best with his approach and guidance that made me clear MCS in first attempt and despite hardly preparing because of some personal issues.

I recommend LearnCIMA for any first timer preparing for Gateway route and I am sure the individual attention via WhatsApp and online Forum will help coupled with many mock exams that have special attention on improvement areas. I am looking forward for my Strategic level with this team again.

Kiran Kumar Komaravolu (India), Management Case Study November 2016.

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The Case Study tuition provided by LearnCIMA is more exams focused and practical in sense of how you will approach the case study tasks on the exam day.

Further, the material that used was very helpful in understanding the case study and the relevant industry issues plus the mock exams under exam conditions and the follow up of the LearnCIMA team on exam performance, that build up the confidence I needed on the exam day.

The Session and the Support of Mr. Channa was very helpful and make the case study easily to understand. The course is well planned which fit my busy work schedule.

The Session and the Support of Mr. Channa was very helpful and make the case study easily to understand. The course is well planned which fit my busy work schedule.

Ashraf Ibrahim Hashim (Sudan), Strategy Case Study November 2016.

For me case studies are always a bit complicated because they entail a lot. Working with LearnCIMA team helped me a lot to break down the difficulties of the November 2016 OCS and fortunately I passed. To the almighty I say thank you and to LearnCIMA and I am very grateful.

Kevin N’Guessan (UK), Operational Case Study Nov 2016.

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I am really thankful to LearnCIMA for their online coaching support which is consists of personnel discussion, podcast support on practical question paper based on strategic case pre seen material.

Actually LearnCIMA course curriculum was framed in such way which helps me to pass the strategic level case study examination, passed in Aug 16 examination Special thanks to Mr.Channa for his on line classes on every weekend on the practical question given to us as mock test with practical approach to answer the same, which helps us to write to answer the question in own words.

LearnCIMA also provide individual support and feedback on the Mocks appears by us as examination scenario with marks as well as suggestion for improvements.

Wish all the best to LearnCIMA to produce more successful students!

Abhik Das Biswas (India), Strategic Case Study Aug 2016.

The tuition by Channa is the most relevant and focus on the case study as the examiner is looking for a specific answer than a general one at the SCS level exam.

The mocks are well covered with the most possible questions relevant to the Pre-Seen and can be done under exam condition. Further, all the possible issues are well covered with the short notes for easy use during the exam.

I think the most important is the exam techniques and mocks podcasts on how to generate the CORRECT answer under the exam conditions.

The continue support and encouragement by Channa and Wathsala which tune me into a right mind-set and high confident are crucial for me to pass this exam and it also make the learning experience more interesting even faces the difficult CIMA exam ahead.

I recommend LearnCIMA as they are totally committed in their service in helping me to pass this exam with score of 93.

Try out and feel the different!

Foong Wing Keong (Malaysia), Strategic Case Study Aug 2016.

LearnCIMA was recommended to me by one of the students who qualified through them previously. I was initially quite sceptical about an online based tuition provider but could not afford the high costs of other providers and took a risk. I must say it was a risk well worth it and I passed beyond my expectation. I was a Gateway Student and therefore didn’t have the previous syllabus knowledge and was fretting about the F2 paper; however, Channa and his team gave me all the confidence I need and was with me to the last moment. The team also provided a perfect work/life balance to me and fitted most of the revision sessions around my availability. The course material and podcasts provided are excellent! The mock exams and force on my practical thinking were another key aspect the team helped me with. Overall I’m very pleased to have chosen LearnCIMA and back again with them for Strategic. Thank you Team!

Cassandra Sansoni, (UK) Management Case Study May 2016

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I would say, if you haven’t seen anyone applying “Theory of Constraints” live, then LearnCIMA is the place. Secondly, if you are a busy working professional, living with heavy family commitment and can’t spare more than 2 hours a day, then LearnCIMA will aptly suit you to pass CIMA. It may sound an exaggeration but honestly, I am the testimony to their credential. Honestly speaking, due to prior commitments and unavoidable office work, I studied just for 15-20 days and succeeded. I could pass the SCS exam with 81 marks at my first attempt. Although, I presented well, but after the exam, I thought…I could have certainly done better. Nevertheless, I passed no matter what I scored. I owe my success to LearnCIMA and thank them for all the work and support given to me.

LearnCIMA methods were not like any other materials where we just buy a plethora of materials and left to remember. Their study materials are very involving and mock tests are excellent and exam standards. Their pre-seen and industry analysis is very in-depth and nothing actually leaves uncovered. They gave a detailed analysis of possible triggers; podcast, videos, and mock papers and marked feedback were actually fabulous and actually helped me to pass the exam. Mr. Channa is a very engaging coach and he exactly told me where I was going wrong. You need to believe him. Mr. Channa understands what exactly is required to pass the case study exam and more so what to write and what not. I would not have been able to pass without his advice and guidance.

From my experience, I would highly recommend CIMA student to go with LearnCIMA if one has to pass with ease, with confidence and with low investment.

Kudos to LeanCIMA and their energetic team!!!

Tushar Panigrahi, (India)  Strategic Case Study May 2016

I would like thank LearnCIMA for helping me to pass my Strategic Case Study in May 2016. I had enrolled late for exams and only had less than 30 days before exam day. The 6 mock exams and feedback was extremely useful to build my exam confidence. The video conferences, course notes and videos were extremely helpful in ensuring that I passed the final CIMA paper at first attempt with a score of 89. I would like to recommend LearnCIMA to anyone intending to write the Strategic Case Study. Hard work plus LearnCIMA pays! Once more thank you Channa and team.

Victor Muchemwa, Harare (Zimbabwe)  Strategic Case Study May 2016

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Responsive image

I am pleased to inform that through your guidance, I've managed to pass the 2016 SCS Feb sitting at first attempt. My score is 88 for variant 3.

I really benefited from all the podcast that you've prepared in the forum where I can listen to it everyday on my way to work. Secondly is the KYP & KYI. Next is the important notes on the possible issues which is of great help.

Last but not least, the Mock practice is super valuable. Although I've only submitted 1 mock for marking, I've managed to attempt all the Mocks on my own.

I truly appreciate all your hard work in preparing me for the exams. Your method is clearly effective ....keep it up. Words can't express how grateful I am for your help.

Christine Wong Shiow yann (Malaysia)  Strategic Case Study Feb 2016

Thank you Channa and your dedicated team for your passionate support during my preparation for the November 2015 CIMA SCS. You exceeded my expectations in the quality and relevance of you course materials and your 1-2-1 engagements among others. My favorite part was your podcasts!

I suffered a setback a few days to the release of the pre-seen. I failed P3 OT 4 days to the release of the pre-seen. I spend two weeks after the pre-seen to pass this paper. This means I was behind time in my preparations. That was when my tutor-mentor directed me to and said “Channa and his team can fix this”. And yes, Channa fixed me and so can he and his team fix you too!

LearnCIMA course materials are direct and straight to the point. The best part is that the mock exams are more demanding than the real exams ensuring that committed students pass their exams. The exam engine depicts the real exams giving students real-exam feel that boost students’ confidence. I passed at my first attempt.

I have recommended LearnCIMA to fellow students and strongly recommend them to all CIMA students taking case study exams at all levels.

Francis Ayivi (Ghana)   Strategic Case Study (November 2015)

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Responsive image

I would like to thank the wonderful lecturers and staff from for the invaluable support that I received in order to pass the final paper of CIMA program at my first attempt. I registered to study with late but the way lecturers encouraged and inspired students has motivated me having good performance during the studying as well as in the exam. In addition, I found that it was easier to understand some key areas of theory applying for problem solving in the case study because of lecturers' explanation on the key points in the simplest ways. All the best to team.

Phan Duc Thien (Vietnam)  Strategic Case Study August 2015

I passed my Strategic case study first time with 85 marks, I only enrolled for the revision course but the individual attention, study materials and revision proved to be very rewarding and although I was not much knowledgeable about the case study and its requirements, LearnCIMA was able to make me an expert in just a few weeks, I was able to learn the cardinal areas that would help me gain good marks, Thank you LearnCIMA!!!!!!

Chiluka Mwango (Zambia) Strategic Case Study August 2015

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I sat for CIMA’s Strategic Case Study (SCS) in August 2015, and it was my first ever SCS sitting. It was a totally different experience for me, as SCS is a fully computer based examination and with time constraints.

However the team at LearnCIMA assisted to me in migrating (from T4) to SCS with ease. We had a 6 to 7 weeks syllabus implemented via interactive online studies, refresher course on the relevant theories and models, and lots of mocks attempts under exam conditions. Personally I found the weekly tutorial sessions and the audio/video notes on key subjects of a great help. LearnCIMA’s mocks and online sessions were key in building my confidence and knowledge about the case, familiarization with the industry and identifying possible challenges/tasks from the case.

I would like to thank the team at LearnCIMA for their effort in helping me to pass the SCS exam (with flying colours) in my first my first sitting. I must say that my fellow students at TopCIMA/LearnCIMA shared the same appreciation.

Amrin Awaluddin (Malaysia)  Strategic Case Study August 2015

LearnCIMA guided me to pass MCS successfully with high marks (102) ! The forum was very useful and had great insights as well. The focus on Mocks in exam engine and practical thinking were key aspects towards my Success.
I would like to thank Channa sir and his LearnCIMA team on my success!

Aasif Shihamudeen (Management Case Study) Aug 2015

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Responsive image

First of all, I want to thank you for all of your effort to support me to pass the gateway exam of CIMA in May 2015.The best thing in is the mock exam. With 06 mocks which are not only fulfill all of the syllabus but also very close to the real exam, I believe that any student who really do all of them seriously, they will pass the exam 100% whatever the variant is. The speed of feedback is also amazing which help me a lot to review and improve my competences for the exam. Moreover, has also provided many very useful notes in both text and audio which help student can review and understand all of the Managerial level syllabus 2015 easy. All of them are very comprehensive and go straight forward to the adaptation of theory to the case. Even though, there are few drawbacks such as Channa's accent which can be quite strange for some people, the forum is not very active and they are not provide the pass warranty, this course is excellent in overall. Therefore, I strongly recommend the students of Gateway programs, especially who are exempted by MBA, to join this course. If you work hard enough, 100%, you will pass the exam with the great help of

Nguyen Manh Minh (Vietnam)  Gateway Exam May 2015 (Managerial Case Study)

I passed with 97 marks, your expertise made this possible, without your materials it wouldn't be possible for me to have completed my exams (SCS), your careful thought, analysis of pre seen, mock exams made it almost impossible for me to fail, your constant pressure reminding to go through all the materials has produced this outcome, Thanks and it was worth the money spent.

George (Zambia)   Strategic Case Study May 2015

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Thank you Learncima for helping me pass Strategic Case Study first time. I find the learning materials provided and the feedback received from the lecturers helpful especially the discussion sessions.

The edge they have over other tuition providers is the reasonable fees and attention they give to each student.

Vicky Pang (Malaysia) - Strategic Case Study May 2015

I would like to thank LearnCIMA , Channa and his team for the great work they are doing on providing excellent revision courses with good focus on individual’s needs. Though I did not fully enrol for the full course, the revision course was just immense and allowed me to achieve 92 marks. I will recommend anyone studying CIMA to take on LearnCIMA courses, they are affordable and great. In addition the team is dedicated and the follow up plus any other service are fantastic!

Joel (South Africa)- Strategic Case Study May 2015

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I will like to thank Channa and the team for the support provided during the period. In fact you pushed me to do the mocks and this proved very beneficial. I had a very busy work schedule and could not have passed without your guidance. The feedback on the mocks were also very useful. I studied F3 and T4 with you and I was the top performer in both subjects in Ghana. You guys are the best as far as I am concerned.

Paul Aninakwah (Ghana) – Passed Nov 2014  (Country price winner)

I sat T4 part b exam first attempt in Nov 2014, and last paper we will sit before the new syllabus, the first step I took was to check which tuition provider I have to select, after I was convinced that was the right choice as many students recommend the unique approach, I did like it very much " you fail we fail " , when I registered i got all the study materials and support I needed, simply saying money well invested, I was very busy with year-end work had little time to study but Channa sir gave me good feedback for me to rectify my mistakes and produce a passing script on the exam day, got 26 credit in first attempt I am over the moon, thanks for the support, I would recommend Channa sir, he is simply the best.

Siraj Hallaldeen (Quatar) - Passed Nov 2014

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Responsive image helped me to pass first time although I had only less than two month and had sit for the strategic level a year before. They provide you with all the material you need to pass from the first time. They have friendly website which is updated daily beside they provide you with a really good timetable that push you to keep up with them. They provide you with a good quality mock exam and give you a details feedback and train you for the big day. For the above reasons, I really recommend them to anyone who wants to pass from the first time with reasonable effort.

Osama Ahmed Elamin (Sudan) - Passed Nov 2014

I am very grateful to TOPCIMA PASS, especially CHANNA, WATHSALA and ChaRa and the other team members for their help and encouragement and really pushing me to prepare well for the exams. I enrolled with STRATEGY PASS after my first attempt of F3 which I failed, after a friend recommended them to me and my next attempt with STRATEGY PASS, I Became a Country Prize winner in F3 with 71%. So it was clear to me that to jump through the hurdle of T4B which was another scary and really worrying part of the CIMA examinations, where I met people who had sat for this exams for 6 times, 4 times , 3 times I just continued with TOPCIMA PASS and I passed the T4B at my first attempt. They are really flexible for any kind of lifestyle and treat you as an individual and have a kind of personal relationship with you and follow up with your progress until the very last day of the exam on a one to one basis. I recommend them to anyone who has no time to waste with re-sitting exams and cannot afford the disappointment of failing papers.

Calvin Jacobson-Sam (Ghana) - Passed Nov 2014

Responsive image

Responsive image

TOPCIMAPASS did a lot of the ground work through the materials provided. There were plenty of calculations. The mock papers really helped understand the issues behind the Pre seen. Also the the tutors were helpful with the markings by identifying the key areas where i need to improve on.

I would recommend TOPCIMAPASS to any CIMA finalist as credit my passing to their technique.

Peter Kasinathan (Malaysia) - Passed Aug 2014

I made the decision to write my T4 examination very late and as a result started off with the pressure to catch up and the odds against me. Initially my first mock exam attempt was awful and I became worrie d. But with the assistance of Mr Channa and the TOPIMA team, all the strategies they developed to ensure that students earn all the easy marks and the comprehensive marked mock examinations, I am happy to report that I passed T4 on my first attempt and now form part of the very few people who have managed to finish CIMA in Lesotho. I strongly recommend TOPCIMA. It was certainly good value for money.

Nts'oauoa Motsetsela (Lesetho) – Passed Aug 2014

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Responsive image

I had failed twice with 19 and 17 marks while I had read ............ books and bought some other products e.g. Test Drive of ............ , some .......... products . I was disappointed, I checked with Adrain Sims and he recommended to try TCP or Nick Best . The missing link of my last exams was “Receiving feedbacks on trial exams from a tuition provider “.

I pass T4 exam and I am very pleased to recommend to other T4 students who are struggling. I would like to thank all TCP people, specially Channa for his technics and methods that helped me a lot, however at the beginning I had doubt a bit with his accent!

Majid Hajatmand (Ph.D research fellow, University of Abertay Dundee -Scotland ) – Passed May 2014

Hi am Anna Siluwe from Zambia. I learnt about Top CIMA Pass from a friend Amina who had used them before. I visited their website and I found a lot of positive remarks so I decided to try it out

What I loved the most is the constant check up they did on me, the constant mock exams helped a lot and not forgetting the one on one Skype chats to address the areas of need. Marking of the Mock papers was very quick and the comments on each area helped mould me. The pod cast are well explained and designed for the particular case study. TCP programme is intense and it did put pressure on me, lots of work to do every week but for a working student like me their time table was very flexible. It was an exciting programme and am glad to say It was my first online class attempt and my first attempt on the paper and I passed.

Thank you Top CIMA Pass for making my dream come true.

Anna Siluwe (Zambia) – Passed May 2014

Responsive image

Responsive image

Absolutely unique, you have exceeded my wildest expectations. I will certainly, without doubt, recommend TCP to any of my work colleagues who may be thinking of doing a T4 Part B for online class. Agreed with TCP tagline of “we will monitor your performance weekly and we will guide you till you go to the exam", as they really follow & guide you closely till the exam day. Also the one-to-one approach that improved your doubt on certain matters will ensure you will always in the right track.

Ainun Mardziah Hashim (Malaysia) – Passed Nov 2013

Honestly speaking for a student like me with extremely busy work schedule and family commitments, the availability of TCP on line course was a blessing.

A very focused approach, individual attention and flexible enough to adjust between my work and family commitments were the key features of TCP course for me to get through this final stage of CIMA.

Enrolling with TCP proved to me the wisest decision throughout my CIMA studies and I always regret why I did not find TCP during my earlier stages of CIMA.

I strongly recommend TCP to all prospective students and wish all the very best to TCP and their dedicated team.

Zahid Hussain (Oman) – Passed Nov 2013

Responsive image

Responsive image

Mr. Channa and his team are so dedicated and have proven expertise in every aspect of T4. They have crafted a winning formula that is very easy to understand and manage. All I had to do was put full faith in them and follow the proven method to success. The valuation of mocks with specific feedbacks was very helpful to target my effort to make meaningful improvements. The material provided and the online support was very good and I felt the overall support was better than what I got in the class room tuition from a leading provider in UK. I passed with 37.

Vengadan (UK) – Passed Nov 2013

I had made 2 unsuccessful attempts using another e-learning T4 course provider at almost double the cost of TCP. After a recommendation from the CIMA regional office, I signed up and was the best thing I did. TCP allows you to build your own timetable around your commitments, which if you are working are best to keep to a minimum during the 2 months as there is a lot to cover. Not only do you get written materials but this is supported by podcasts that give you a step by step guide in how to 'play the game' of passing T4. They also provide plenty of mocks, 8-9, which are and marked, then followed up with a 1 to 1 session to help assist in areas that need improvement, these are invaluable in getting you familiar with what is needed to pass the exam in the tight time frame.

The November sitting was a difficult paper which thankfully I passed but doubt that I would have achieved this without the support and guidance from TCP.

I would highly recommend this to any T4 student and wish I had gone with TCP for my first attempt. Thanks and all the best!.

Katie Fleming (Australia) – Passed Nov 2013

Responsive image

Responsive image

I have chosen after reading excellent recommendations on CIMA forum, but more importantly because of the very high pass rates they constantly achieve and because the course was significantly cheaper than other ones.

I got much more than I expected –from pre-seen material packed in easy-to-remember presentation, through analysis of possible exam issues, relevant up-to-date industry examples, revision of important theoretical points, up to amazing 10 mock exams with strict time management and personalized feedback. What does is much more than they promise – they analyze every student separately in order to give you exactly what you need to pass. All you have to do is study during this intense, yet flexible course which also provides great work /study/life balance. proved to be extremely reliable and very serious tuition provider which keeps you focused and supports you in every moment throughout the course up to the exam itself. This was one of the most complete tutorials I ever attended, and I am so grateful because they led me straight to easily passing T4 first time with 31 credits. Thank you guys!

Aleksandra Bogomaz (Serbia) – Passed Nov 2013

My belief is that perfect process leads to perfect result. So far I managed to deal with all previous exams on my own. T4 was different. Here you really need to know what is being assessed and how to achieve balanced report to pass. Topcima provides their own approach in the form of passing strategy and strict timetable to be followed. All the training is designed to recall the technical knowledge and train new – report writing skills. Marked mocks and individual feedback is perfect to be ready on the exam day.

I recommend Topcima because they know WHAT, HOW and motivate you WHY.

Kristine Sarkane (Latvia) – Passed August 2013

Responsive image

Responsive image

I passed T4 with 30 credits in Aug 2013 exam. Mr Channa and TCP team are well deserved to be acknowledged for their dedicated guidance to help me pass. TCP working extremely hard in providing students with high quality mocks, study materials, quick feedback and continue support throughout the course. TCP gives you all you need to pass T4 at first attempt. Mr Channa is a very good motivator helps you to build confident and make you mentally prepared on what to expect on the exam day. This is very important and no other tuition provider able to provide this.

It was a great experience study with TCP and definitely value for money. I sincerely thank Mr Channa, Wathsala and TCP team for the personal attention given. Please keep up the good works to continue benefiting more students.

Siew Mei Quin, Malaysia – Passed August 2013

TCP was recommended to me by a colleague and friend, and it proved to be the right choice as I passed T4 with 37 credits.

TCP offers a great service, with numerous mock exams, and I believe practice is a key to success in an exam such as T4 that has a very different format and requirements compared to previous CIMA exams.

Additionally, the team is extremely flexible and responsive. I think the biggest advantage of studying with TCP is that the team is really proactive and really adapts to your needs, providing individual feedback and making sure they give the support that you require as an individual.

Marie-Aurore Frey (UK) – Passed May 2013 (world 9th best score)

Responsive image

Responsive image

I recommend Channa and team as they made me my easy win of T4. It was difficult for me to study along with my work as I used to work 12 to 15 hours a day. I attempted T4 three times my own and failed. TCP trained me to complete the exam within the allotted time in a balanced answer, not more or not less content. Also, awesome experience was what we discussed in the mock was the real exam questions (especially mock 7 to 10), so it made easy win. Also, the technique and method was awesome as they trained to score maximum easy marks and motivation and encouragement was keep the spirit alive till complete the exam. You will be given more than they promise definitely!!

AR Suresh Babu (India) – Passed May 2013

Thanks to Channa and the rest of the team at TOPCIMAPass, I passed the Feb 2013 sitting with 34 credits!

Thankfully, I choose TOPCIMAPASS as the online course to help me pass the final CIMA T4 exam. This turned out to be a great decision! The moment I joined the course, I felt part of a team. They provide much more than guidance on how to pass the exam.

Their provision of Strategy 56 gives you knowledge of the marking scheme, they encourage you to mark other students anonymous papers to understand further what examiners are looking for, Plan B prepares you for the situation were timing may not be going according to plan, access to podcasts you can listen at a time that suits your busy lifestyle, 1-2-1 feedback on areas for improvement using skype once they mark your mock exams, text messaging to make sure you are keeping up, online materials for focus revision of previous topics and continuous support were all excellent.

I entered the exam hall feeling extremely well prepared and confident.

I simply cannot recommend TOPCIMAPASS highly enough. For me no more exams, and for anyone wondering about what course to take, just look at the other testimonials…It’s the best money you will ever spend.

Anne Marie Lambe (Ireland) – Passed Feb 2013 (Island 2nd )

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Responsive image

Thanks to TOPCIMAPass I was able to pass at my first attempt. Before choosing TOPCIMAPass I have done long research and also I found TOPCIMAPass's fee most reasonable. If you want really pass first time I do recommend them! They are providing 24/7 support. It was great experience and on the exam I knew I know all I should to pass it. I think it was first CIMA exam I felt so confident about my knowledge. If you want really pass first time and pay very reasonable price you should choose TOPCIMAPass. There is 24h forum with many students on various topics to get you prepared for the exam. All well organised and the team gives more than you can think of. Very highly recommended!!

Marcin Sulima (Australia) – Passed Feb 2013

TOPCIMAPASS has been like a God sent. Affordable, many mocks & individual feedback on each mock. The forum had many sections like In the News, General News, and Industry Specific Examples & Calculations.

But I think the most valuable fact was the individual attention that I received. All my questions were answered & I was free to approach them at any time.

I am very proud to say that I got the country price for South Africa and CIMA confirmed that I have joint 7th worldwide out of 3 185 candidates!

I simply followed TCP strategy 56!

Many heartfelt thanks TOPCIMAPASS - I can only keep on recommending you to all.

Sona Abraham (South Africa) – Passed Nov 2012 (Country prize winner 76% marks)

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Responsive image

I am Pavan from India. I am a qualified chartered Accountant as well as cost accountant. I have the passion for CIMA. I came from a back ground where I can't afford high fee for my studies and also I need to support my family too with my earnings.

So I completed my CIMA up to strategic level through self-study. Upon completion of the same, in the view of the criticality of T4, I decided to take online tuition and I did my own research and shocked to see that tuition fee are very very high and some of the tuition providers charging more than my 4 months of salary.

Then I came to know about TCP and Channa and his excellent study techniques as well as excellent track record of pass percentages over the years. And the best part is they are providing tuition at a very very cheaper price than any other in the world. Also there are is personal attention over mails, Skype and phone calls and SMS with continuous follow up and motivation. Also TCP giving the maximum mocks than anyone with personalised feedback and suggestions for improvement. This along with Chann's strategy 56 helped me to clear my T4 in my first attempt with 35 credits and All India first rank which given my career a great Boost.

At the age of 25 years, being young professional at the early stages of career this great achievement given a great boost to my career.

This is only because of TCP and Channa and his superb study techniques.

Thank you very much my dear TCP and team for giving me a great professional life.

Pavan Kumar (India) - Passed Nov 2012 (Country prize winner 70% marks)

I wasn’t sure which college to attempt T4 with. I had previously studied with other colleges in London but I came across through the forums on CIMA’s website. Everyone had very positive feedback and reviews of TCP. Cost was not an issue as my company was sponsoring me. But having said that TCP, I found, was just about the cheapest on the market, which was a nice bonus.

However what was the biggest boost was the professionalism and expertise TCP offer students taking T4. It is very different from all the other CIMA exams and TCP understand this and offer their students the best means of passing the exam. I am not a natural studier and have never found exams easy.

TCP gave me the confidence to pass the exam which I did in the November 2012 sitting.

I cannot recommend Channa, Wathsala and the team highly enough.

Mark Langford (UK) – Passed Nov 2012

Responsive image

Responsive image

Anyone who commits to work hard, TCP will provide necessary platform to improve your capabilities to finish the T4 case study. I started with the determination to finish the Case Study in my first attempt. TCP guidance with adequate number of mock exams and personal feedback helped me to improve my weaknesses and focus on the time management at the exam.

Harshana Kulatilaka (Sydney ,Australia) - Passed Aug 2012

I registered with TOPCIMA after having failed my first attempt at T4, where I only achieved 18 credits.

From the start of the program, with the receipt of the study calendar and the KYP, the staff and lecturers at TOPCIMA made sure that they guided me through the entire process. The process helped dramatically to iron out my weaknesses in completing the T4 Part B under exam conditions. There are multiple mocks, which are marked, and detailed feedback given on your performance and areas where you need to improve. Further to this there are Podcasts to guide you through the importance of the different sections, and the amount of time needed to complete these sections, based on their point weighting.

TOPCIMA administrators stay in contact via e-mail all the time, and follow up on your deadlines with you. There is a chat room as well, where you can book one on one sessions with the lecturers of group discussions as needed.

When I entered the exam room the second time, I felt calm and in control, as I had a complete strategy to tackle this challenging paper. My credits achieved this time around was 30.

Thanks Channa and Wathsala.

Felicia Heyburgh (South Africa) – Passed Aug 2012

Responsive image

Responsive image

I cleared the T4 examination in August 2012 with 34 credits.

I owe a lot of my success to Channa and the entire TCP team who seem to understand exactly what CIMA expects from students at the T4 level. The entire preparation was well structured and planned and there was never a moment where there was too much to learn. The mock examinations gave me tremendous confidence. I should also mention that the TCP team was very pro-active in their support for exam preparation. Any questions I had were addressed almost instantly and this is something that sets TCP a class apart. I thank TCP for all their efforts to help me complete the CIMA examinations.

Lakshmi Krishnan (India) – Passed Aug 2012

I passed T4 first time... and with 36 marks (72%)!

T4 is all about exam technique and time management. You need a tuition provider with a great exam strategy, and TopCimaPass is the one.

I chose TCP because of the good reviews I read; they were all true. Channa and the rest of the team will provide you with all the tools you need to pass the exam. From valuable insight /tips about how to collect the maximum number of marks from CIMA’s assessment criteria matrix, to loads of practice. And, above all, their personalised approach means that they mark your mocks and answer your doubts really quickly.

Ultimately, by the time you sit for the exam, you will have done so much practice that you will be well prepared to comment on whatever topic arises. And, also very important, you will have a great control on the time you spend on each section.

Carolina Moreno (UK) – Passed May 2012

Responsive image

Responsive image

I can highly recommend (TCP) for any student who is looking for online tuition provider. After 4 times unsuccessful attempt with self-studies, I registered with TCP for May 2012 exam and passed with 32 (64%) marks in the name of TCP.

TCP Golden rule of time management plan, strategy 56 and mocks are very helpful to pass T4 exam easily.

TCP never leave student with study materials. Always encourage us by motivating and monitoring our performance individually by marking mocks and giving individual feedback.

TCP is providing other all relevant study materials to pass T4. Especially calculation practices, discussion forum, past papers, industry examples, real case issues and industry examples etc.

Ajith Indunil (Abu Dhabi based Sri Lankan) - Passed May 2012

After completing the CIMA Strategic level, I started looking for a T4 tuition provider to get me through the final exam.

I looked at the big providers but wanted a provider that would give me the flexibility to study at home but also provide feedback and support when required.

TCP was highly recommended by past students and was also very reasonably priced against other providers, so I signed up for the course and it has been one of the best decisions I have made.

TCP provide you with a structured learning experience that builds your technique and confidence with a series of mock exams whist also encouraging discussion on the case study industry in a lively forum environment. This made the learning experience more interesting as students would post new relevant information that they had researched and the whole course benefited from the information. Feedback and coaching is given throughout the course and one to one sessions are also available with the lecturers.

I have no hesitation in recommending TCP to get you through the CIMA T4 exam.

Gerry Stephens (Scotland) - Passed May 2012

Responsive image

Responsive image

I'd already attempted T4 twice on my own and had failed. T4 is not an easy paper and it became quite clear to me that I needed outside help. TCP was getting rave reviews from students on the official CIMA website so I signed up. It was the best move I made!

TCP is intense yet flexible and fits around your work/life balance. The tutors work with you to create a personal timetable that can accommodate the reading material, podcasts, online forums and mock exams around your own personal circumstances.

TCP do not just give you material and let you get on with it - they are in touch with you most days via email, the online forums and also Skype chats if required. The key to passing this paper is mock exam practice and applying TCP's 'Strategy 56' - the technique I used to help me pass T4. They are one of the cheapest online providers in the market and are committed to each and every student.

I thoroughly recommended studying with TCP - it will be the best investment you make throughout your CIMA studies.

Caroline Gilmour (Scotland) – Passed Feb 2012

I have chosen TOPCIMAPass after the recommendation of my friend and the positive reviews on the CIMA forum. The online course was a new kind of experience because I have never done any e-learning course before. TOPCIMA offered me very individual approach with very strict schedule of all learning steps which should be done in order to pass the exam. There were a lot of examples given during the course and a lot of attention. There were also a few mock exams which were marked and followed with the detailed feedback. Additionally the course has very good price. Comparing to traditional courses I had the opportunity to learn and practice without any rush (two days before exam I spent walking and visiting London) I have passed in the first attempt and got 27 marks.

Michal Furgol (Poland based UK Citizen) - Passed Feb 2012

Responsive image

Responsive image

I was lead to choose TOPCIMAPass as my tuition provider by all the positive reviews on the CIMA Forum and they were not wrong. TOPCIMAPass helped me to pass T4 on the 3rd attempt with 56%.After using a tuition provider for the first two attempts and spending over £1000 and to receive a result of 46% both times was very hard - as I had put in so much work. At a fraction of that cost, TOPCIMAPass marked three of my mocks with detailed feedback and this helped me to learn step by step, where exactly I needed to improve. This was the key for me to pass the exam. Thanks you to Channa, Wathsala and all the TOPCIMAPass team for encouragement, professionalism and personal attention.

Ailsa Malone (Ireland) – Passed Feb 2012

I have had 2 sittings of this exam and the last sitting I failed over 5 years ago. I wanted to give it another chance and knew that I had forgotten a lot.

So I paid to do - I don't usually give reviews out but feel that I should this time. Channa and his team were amazing - gave me feedback, encouragement all of the time. I actually enjoyed studying for this and I have just found out that I got 26 so just passed too. I would never have done this without them and the strategies that they give you to pass are amazing! The best money I have ever spent.

If you want to pass and for a reasonable price with a personalized and friendly approach, then TOPCIMAPass is the one. The forums are great too as there is lots of interaction from other students too. You will never feel alone.

Leanne Allen (UK) – Passed Feb 2012

Responsive image

Responsive image

After a number of unsuccessful attempts of sitting T4, I decided to register with in 2011. I am happy to say I was not disappointed! The level of service you receive from TCP is second to none. You are guided throughout the whole course and receive continuous support. I narrowly missed the September sitting but with some kind words from Wathsala and further exam practice with the high quality mocks provided, I managed to get 29 credits in November 2011. The feeling of getting that email to say you’ve passed is indescribable.

If you are willing to put in the work, TCP will support you all the way. We were given a total of 11 mocks for the November exam as well as numerous calculation practice examples from TK. These all really help to build confidence, improve your exam technique and timing; three of the most crucial issues to overcome in nailing T4. I even did an additional mock at the last minute which TCP kindly marked for me and sent back straight away! I can’t think of many other places where you would get service like this. TCP are a solid provider, from their excellent admin function to high quality teaching, materials, support and efficiency.

T4 is definitely a ‘different beast’ to the other CIMA exams. However, with hard work, perseverance and a quality tuition provider like TCP you are sure to find the recipe for success!

To all the TCP team – I cannot thank you enough.

Susan Woods (UK) – Passed Nov 2011

I can recommend TOPCIMAPass to any student who is looking for an excellent online tuition provider. I used to do self study up to my strategic level papers. I attempted T4 two times and failed with 18 and 19 marks before joining TOPCIMAPass. I realised that something is seriously missing in my answers that examiner is looking for. TOPCIMAPass helped me a lot to sharpen my thinking process which is vital for a pass in T4 exam. TOPCIMAPass teaches you how to produce an answer which ensure you a pass. As Channa said while trying to make one part of your answer perfect means you are losing your precious time for making a fair attempt on another part. TOPCIMAPass will teach you with their mocks how to win this game of race against time that is what T4 is all about.

Sarath R Kurup (Australia) – Passed Nov 2011

Responsive image

Responsive image

I would definitely recommend TOPCIMAPass to anyone who is either about to start T4 or needs to re-sit it. They offer 24\7 support, plenty of mock papers with full answers but most importantly they give you speedy personalised feedback which is invaluable as preparation for this exam. The course also represents exceptional value for money when compared with other online tuition courses. I passed the Nov 2011 T4 paper with 28 credits having previously failed with 17 and 19 credits respectively. This huge increase in marks is down to the excellent service that the whole TOPCIMAPass team offers to their students.

Lynn Levers (UK) - Nov 2011 PC based

I was introduced by my friend at I found their fees reasonable and staff is more dedicated to giving professional services than other institutions. They are able to monitor student progress from the beginning to the end of the course. We had 11 Mocks which other institutions can’t much and we learnt different ways of tackling whatever scenario is brought on the exam day. As a student, I played my role to be active on the forum and submitted the timed mocks for marking. This was my 2nd exam attempt, but first time with TOPCIMAPass.Com and Passed in Nov, 2011. They have what it takes, plus Strategy 56. Try them, they do it with fervor and you won’t regret.

Ethel Simwinga (Zambia) – Passed Nov 2011

Responsive image

Responsive image

TOPCIMAPass definitely lives up to its name.

After two futile attempts at the prestigious TOPCIMA exam, studying on my own, a friend who passed the exam in the first sitting introduced me to TOPCIMAPass; his testimony was that they were responsible for his success. I enrolled immediately with TOPCIMAPass and within the few weeks of studying with the team (I referred simply as Strategy 56! team) I was convinced that their style of imparting the knowledge of TOPCIMA is all I have been looking for. After the first 3 mocks my confidence level rose so high that I became convinced I will be successful at the exam. I saw the success coming with their study style that aims at simply passing the exam.

The result tells it all, I passed the TOPCIMA exam after my first study with TOPCIMAPass. I wished I had discovered TOPCIMAPass earlier.

Emeka Amadi (Nigeria) – Passed Nov 2011

TOPCIMAPass helped me pass T4 on my first attempt with 62%!

I decided to use as I had heard such good reviews from other students. Although I was already enrolled with a college for T4, it was TCP who became my primary tuition provider. The excellent tailored support assisted me through my revision and the numerous marked mock exams TCP provided meant I was well prepared for the exam, no other tuition supplier provides as much. Channa, Angela and the team were always just a phone call or email away right up until the exam and the forums were extremely helpful enabling me to share thoughts, concerns and ideas with other students.

I can’t recommend “TOPCIMAPass” enough; they do exactly what it says on the tin!!!

Caroline Fortnum (UK) – Nov 2011 PC based

Responsive image

Responsive image

I highly recommend to all T4 students. It differentiates itself from other tuition providers by its strategy to closely monitor individual performance and progressive mocks to guide you step by step to success. The numerous podcasts cover all possible weaknesses and helps to write the exams with confidence. I will not stop thanking them. Am relaxed now!!

Oudesh Seebarath – Passed March 2011

TCP was the best choice I have made that helped me get through T4 Part B. Key areas covered were deep analysis of the Pre-seen materials, accessed to many diversity points that help to better understand the industry in real life, tackling many possible unseen issues and practicing many timed mock exams under proper guidance. Thank you sincerely TCP team for all your valuable support. The value of joining TCP largely exceeded the cost and I highly recommend TCP to at any future student

Roshan Takoordyal (Mauritius) - Passed November 2010

Responsive image

Responsive image

I would highly recommend to get you through T4. Channa, Angela and their excellent team will keep you focused and show you how to pick up those all important easy marks. I always went to college and was a bit nervous about doing online but my fears were unfounded and I found it much easier to fit the work into my lifestyle. Don’t hesitate, go for it, you will get it with

Majella Corrigan (UK) - Passed Sep 2010

The May 2010 paper based exam was my 4th attempt which was the 1st with TCP. I enrolled with on their revision course. Finally, I managed to PASS this exam and the feeling is indescribable. I can recommend with great confidence. They are really available 24/7. They were very quick to respond when I communicated with them through Skype/Email/SMS. The forum provides a wealth of information on industry analysis, case study analysis, how to approach the exam, potential issues, that might come up on exam day, etc. They also provided a number of mock exams and model answers. If you do your bit, the TOPCIMAPass team will do more than their bit to help you. You can pass first time around!

Nikki (South Africa) - Passed May 2010

Responsive image

I had given two sittings for T4 earlier by studying on my own and the last attempt was three years ago (failed with 24 credits :() . I just thought might be I can give it one final try before dropping it forever. I came to know about TOPCIMA through various CIMA forums. Their pricing was also reasonable so I thought why not give it a try. I am glad I did so. I really liked their systematic approach. The regular follow up to check if we are on track really motivated me and kept me on track. Interaction with other students motiavted me and gave me confidence. Considering that my last attempt was three years ago and that I had studied under earlier syllabus I needed lot of help to brush up on the basics. They not only guided on the current case study also had articles to brush up what I had studied earlier. made me enter the exam feeling I CAN DO IT. My happiness knew no bounds when I cleared the exam with 34 credits. I am finding it difficult to believe even now :) Thank you You made me do it. I sincerely recommend this to all students.

Abinaya Boopalan (India) – Passed August 2013

I passed T4 at 32 marks in Sep 2011. I must say, I could not achieve it without the great help of TCP team.

I knew from I saw there were a lot of students recommending it as T4 online study partner. I am in China with very few face to face T4 tuition providers. Even there is, the course is quite expensive and most likely cannot begin per schedule due to too less enrollee. So I registered at TCP immediately when I found it. It was really great experience studying with TCP. They issued 6 mock papers for Sep 2011 sitting, which almost covering every major topic of supermarket and sustainability. They also provided intensive calculation practice related to the Papy case. And their amazing 56 marks strategy works so well!

In my view, TCP is coaching students to make the complex and difficult exam to simple and easy. Study with TCP, you are never alone. You may share ideas, experiences with fellow students all over the world on the forum. You never know how valuable points you may get from them.

Wendy Fu (China) – Passed Aug 2011

TOPCIMAPass does what it says on the tin, they work with you to make you pass T4. In my opinion if you could do well at their mock exams, listen to their podcasts, contribute to the forum, I guarantee you will pass!!! Thank you Angela, Channa and Wathsala and rest of the TOPCIMAPass team for your encouragement, personal touch, professionalism and persistence!! I passed in spite of a very busy work and family life.

Odun(UK) – Passed Aug 2011 helped me in approaching the T4 case study exam in a professional way. In any touch professional exam you need to train yourself to score maximum technical points. TOPCIMAPass team helped me in approaching the answers in a methodical way covering the various areas on which students are marked. The mock exams were very helpful in learning and gave me the confidence to take the main exam. Due to this on the main exam day I found myself more confident and was able to succeed.

K. Bhaskar (India) - Passed November 2010

I found out about TCP through a friend and I was, at first, somewhere apprehensive about online studying verses classroom courses and, if truth to be told, suspicious about the low fee in comparison to other classroom tuition providers.

Choosing TCP proved to be one of the best decisions I made as a CIMA student. Finding a work/study balance is always a challenge but TCP provide you with a great deal of flexibility in your study by tailoring the course to you as an individual. The quality of the learning aids are excellent particularly Channa’s podcasts and the forum enables you to benefit a great deal from the other students on the course. General exam feedback was plentiful and proved invaluable. You can tell that these guys have been doing this successfully for some time now and I would sincerely recommend TCP to any other student who is serious about passing TOPCIMA

Sachin Panda (UK) - Passed November 2010

I passed with a pleasing 33/50, at the third attempt which was the 1st with TCP. I managed to improve 46% to 66%. I have to give full credit to The course was really good, cannot recommend enough. I did 6 mock exams and got the results for each within one or two days, the feedback on the mocks was superb and much focused. I had more feedback from each single mock exam than I had from two previous courses in total. I had previously sat with a well known UK provider, but this course was a fraction of the price and the support was virtually one to one. I also found it really enjoyable. I don’t usually leave many postings but I think that I owe it to Channa and Angela, I wish them every success in the future and thank them for their part in mine. Excellent! Give it a try…… you will not regret it!

Simon Harrison (UK) - Passed March 2010

I passed second time around thanks to the team. Here’s a bit of what you will get in addition to the standard package to ensure that you do T4 exam for the last time. Develop your thought process to focus on the big picture of the unseen. Train you to grab the easy to collect marks which are readily available within the unseen. Fill in the knowledge gap that ensures a pass for you. Exam pressure training that keeps you up and awake and motivated all the way till the exam day with full energy. Time planning and mind planning techniques that ensures you score maximum marks per minute rather than maximum words per minute, most importantly, all this and more is offered to you on personal basis. Imagine your tutor being beside you for 24/7 to guide you with all necessary tools required to pass T4 exam. Invest on to attain a life time dividend of exam success!!

Shiran Senevirathne (Kuwait) - Passed March 2010

Topcima exam is a very difficult exam an especially when you are studying abroad. delivered a personalized service helping me passing this last hurdle. I especially appreciated the quick feedback for mocks which is the fastest service in the market (24 hours). The forum helped me challenging thoughts an d kept me linked with other students. Also use different media including regular podcasts which help students focusing on key topics. Thanks a million!!

Christophe Couture (Switzerland) - Passed March 2010

Jut checked my email. I passed TOPCIMA exam, I am not CIMA finalist. Thank you Channa and TCP team for your help! And I really feel enlarge my business view.

Xi Yang (China) - Passed March 2010

Despite being a dedicated self studier for the other levels, it soon became clear that T4 required some expert tuition. Signing up with was the best preparation I could have received. I took your marked mocks, which steadily improved form the low 40’s to 56%. Thanks to the feedback, coaching and materials from I am so happy to have passed T4 at the first attempt with 58%.

Peter Wood (UK) – Passed March 2010