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Our Mission

To be the preferred online tuition provider, with personalized service and value for money.

What we strive for

To develop a student, who enjoys learning, whom we enjoy teaching, markers enjoy passing, and employers enjoy employing.

“Education is not received. It is achieved.” ~ Anonymous

Learning, and education is not something a person can receive, it is something one needs to achieve.

However, in order to achieve something, we need to work towards it, and in working towards it, all of us need help and assistance. That is what is all about.

All of us, hope to achieve something when we register with CIMA. Either we are looking to solidify our experience with proper theory and head knowledge, or we are fresher’s, looking to gain the basic knowledge before stepping into the rapidly changing, dynamic business world.

It is only when we achieve the target that we set out to achieve, would we consider ourselves successful.

At, our team also works with an objective in mind, and that is to ensure that all the students who enroll with us receive all the assistance they require to ensure that they achieve their educational goals.

CIMA is not just limited to passing exams. Even though we often measure our success based on the exam results, that not the end of the story. The knowledge you acquire by following the course should be able to help you bring value addition to what you do.

We at aspire to ensure that all our students, not only pass the exam, but also end up successful in what they chose to do; that they bring about a value addition to the business world.

We consider it a privilege to have served many students in the past, by assisting them to pass the T4 paper under the name Please feel free to check out the reviews and testimonies of our past students (link)

We are based in Sri Lanka, a developing country with the second largest market for CIMA education. Our team consists of experienced lecturers and recently exam completed students. So by joining us, you would have the matured guidance of experienced professionals and also the sympathetic guidance and advice of aspiring professionals.

Please feel free to explore the website for further information, or you could contact us on the contact page for personal assistance.